Wedding Procession, 2011

Large ceramic jar decorated with images of a wedding

Wedding Procession, 2011 .Wedding Procession, 2011 82h x 49w cm Private Collection Photo: Sylvain Deleu A Memorable Event Wedding Procession records the Royal Wedding of 2011, the marriage of Prince William to Katherine Middleton, as she was then. It took place in May that year and was memorable for reasons beyond the expected ones. Firstly,…

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Continental Brexit

Woman in a red tee shirt holding a vase

Continental Brexit, 2018 Continental Brexit, 2018 Private Collection 30h x 27w cm Materials Handbuilt pot, decorated in coloured slips both inside and out. Fired, smashed, and rebuilt with gaps so the internal imagery is visible. Clear glazed, with bright pink aluminium leaf edging the gaps to frame the internal imagery. How it began Every so…

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Colour Studies – Part one

tall vase decorated with people and umbrellas

Colour Studies Colour Studies – Part 1 This post is an introduction to the formal concerns of painting with slips on pots. By ‘painting,’ I mean the sort I learnt at art school in the early 1980s which evolved mainly from post Renaissance, Western European art. This starts the discussion of how that is done…

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