Colour Studies – Part one

tall vase decorated with people and umbrellas

Colour Studies Colour Studies – Part 1 This post is an introduction to the formal concerns of painting with slips on pots. By ‘painting,’ I mean the sort I learnt at art school in the early 1980s which evolved mainly from post Renaissance, Western European art. This starts the discussion of how that is done…

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The Garden Vases

woman with two decorated vases

The Garden Vases, 2024 The Garden series, 2024 Will show at Collect24 with Ruup & Form Somerset House, Feb 28/9 pvs, Mar 1-3 public. Tickets via Collect24 Garden series has grown out of my life long love of gardens which I probably got from my mother and grandmother. It is that sense of an ‘in…

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Feminist Jugs

Jugs Slab-built Nautical Sgraffito Monochrome Feminist

Feminist Jugs – Sink the Sex Trade! Feminist Jugs I love this picture of the my two new sgraffito ware jugs, photographed together, leading the fleet. Paired up like this seems to inject energy – they could almost be sailing. I’m particularly delighted with the way the handles look. They’re in the shop now. Go…

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How The Prophet was Driven to Drink

Brown jug with images and text

This jug has come back to life. It has become meaningful again. I sold this version in 2017 – I now need to make another one. On August 12th, this year, the writer Salman Rushdie was stabbed numerous times in the neck. It happened in New York, on stage in the full glare of a…

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Nisreen and Pebbles, completed, 2022

pot with picture of a woman and rabbit

I made Nisreen and Pebbles in 2019 for exhibition at Zuleika Gallery in London 2020. When it was displayed, I realised I wasn’t happy with it. The curve of the two sides created some odd distortions in the drawing but even so, the proportions on the side in the picture seemed completely wrong. I had…

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