Poster with text and image of a pot

2+2=5 2=2+5 is the title of an exhibition at Not for Sale Gallery in Hackney Wick. The title is a reference to George Orwell’s use of the concept in 1984. ‘The Party’ adopts it as a fundamental tenet of belief to accustomise the people to receiving self evidently false information and eventually believing it. It…

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Vice and Virtue: the artists

Art gallery with exhibition

Vice and Virtue: the artists Vice and Virtue is a mixed media exhibition by six artists who respond in substantially different ways to the rising religiosity of contemporary social justice movements. Much of the work was made specifically for the exhibition which continues until July 26th at Ruup & Form. This posts introduces the artists…

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Large decorated slipware jug with handle

Everygender, the Jugs Everygender’s Vision, (top right) The Avenging Vessel, (bottom left) both jugs 43×32 (incl handle,) x 27 cm Photo: Sylvain Deleu Everygender, comprised of four jugs, tells a pictorial story of my expulsion from Ceramic Art London in 2022 based on the Medieval Morality Play, ‘Everyman.’ Everyman, (1530) ‘Everyman’ is thought to have…

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Feminist Satire, No Safe Spaces – Part 3

Ceramic Vase Satire Feminist Gender Sex-not-gender

Feminist Satire, No Safe Spaces – Part 3 Gender – Introduction The featured pot, Cirucs Acts, is one of 23 pots which, along with 2 huge drawings, and 3 videos are on show at Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, one of Poland’s most prestigious galleries. This my first ever solo show outside the UK. The…

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Find the Witch!

Big-pots standing-woman decorative feminist

Find the Witch! About the pot Find the Witch! is based on my many experiences of having pots either removed from exhibition or hidden, and having invitations to speak or perform revoked. This is sometimes referred to as being ‘cancelled.’ It is one of what will be a new series of pots called, ‘The Exploits…

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