Vanity of the Bonfires

black and white drawing of figures falling

Vanity of the Bonfires George Eliot’s ‘Romola,’ set in Florence in the 1490s, but written in England in 1862, presents a society where public discourse, people’s everyday lives – their social life, in particular, and street politics were strikingly similar to our own. The public mood was volatile. The Medicis had been expelled by a…

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Poster with text and image of a pot

2+2=5 2=2+5 is the title of an exhibition at Not for Sale Gallery in Hackney Wick. The title is a reference to George Orwell’s use of the concept in 1984. ‘The Party’ adopts it as a fundamental tenet of belief to accustomise the people to receiving self evidently false information and eventually believing it. It…

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Wootton Exhibition

large handmade pinch-pot sgraffito dish willow tree

Wootton Exhibition Wootton Exhibition #2 I’m having an exhibition in Wootton by Woodstock, the village where I grew up. It is hosted by my sister who now lives there in the same house we lived in as children. The show runs all next week, Sunday 11th-Friday 16th February, by appointment. Contact me if you’d like…

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Vice & Virtue

Pottery vase, flask shaped, slip-painted, glazed

Vice and Virtue Introduction Vice and Virtue is the first exhibition I have curated. I  am grateful to Ruup & Form for hosting and supporting this new departure which runs from June 20th – July 26th, 2024. The six artists I selected have responded to my proposal that contemporary social justice movements are becoming increasingly…

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