Gender Creed

Gender Creed

36 h x 30 w cm


signed and dated

Currently on exhibition at Ruup & From in Vice and Virtue until July 26th

Sales through Ruup & Form

The jug features the Creed for the Church of Gender Woo along with illustrations of some of the more memorable absurdities that have been offered as rationalisations for gender theory. Among my favourites are the Clown Fish – supposedly indicative of human capacity to change sex, and the Sea Horse – to explain the idea that male humans give birth.

The jug text is a re-write of the Apostolic Creed in Gender Speak which will probably mean more to ex-Catholics.

Here’s a video of me reading it out loud – note the stumble half way through. Too many words!

Handbuilt from black earthstone with earthenware mix, white slip, sgraffito design, and clear glaze. Copper lustre on the rim and base.

Full text:

I Believe! The Gender Creed

I believe in GIDS
The non-Birthing Parent Almighty,
Make of Gender Heaven on Earth,
And in Mermaids their only Handmaidens,
Who was implanted by the Holy Clownfish,
Birthed by the Virgin Seahorse,
Suffered under Transphobius Pilates
Crucified – unto Death
– and buried.
They descended into Irrelevance.
On their third day they rose Again from Irrelevance,
They ascended into the Tavistock,
And sitteth on the right hand of GIDS, the non-Birthing Parent Almighty.
From thence they shall come to judge
The evil Misgendering Midwives
– who assign male and female at birth.
I BELIEVE in the holy Clownfish,
The Church of Gender Woo,
The Community of Gender Martyrs,
The NEVER forgiveness of Transphobius
And that Transwomenarewomen Everlastingly,
Gender Ideology without End,
Ah – ssigned-male-at-birth-plural – Men.


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