Fired! From Ceramic Art London, 2022

It all seemed to be going so well. The contract for this year was renewed, my lecture - about my project with women@thewell  - updated, since it was originally planned for CAL 2020, and then came the phone call from the director of the Craft Potters Association, (CPA,) to tell me they had been warned of possible disruption to the fair if my lecture was included in the programme.


More details:

At the time of writing, I still don't know who has complained or what sort of 'disruption' was threatened. Letters of protest have been sent, phone calls made - not by me - and various briefings made - not to me. Marshall Colman has written four posts on his excellent blog so I shall direct you to those should you wish to understand more.

The Daily Telegraph  have written a very thorough report, which got picked up by the Daily Mail. Julie Bindel was first to the story, and wrote a piece for Unherd, and Jo Bartosch covers it and more besides in Spiked.