Ceramic Art London, 2022

Ceramic Art London, (CAL,) 2022, organised by the Craft Potter’s Association, (CPA,) at Central St. Martin’s, (CSM,) is now in full swing – or as full as it can be without me, that is.

My dispute with the CPA

This is the story so far, along with a short progress report. The CPA banned me from taking part in CAL in early February this year. My talk, about my project with women@thewell, was originally programmed for 2020 and reconfirmed this year. The stated reason for the ban was this: they were ‘made aware’ that my ‘inclusion in the programme may cause the event to be disrupted leading to possible delay or even closure.’  It has now been made clear that the reason for my banning was because of my ‘gender critical’ views. The Forstater Judgement established last year that to do this was illegal. I note it is also unlawful to create ‘an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment for gender critical staff or customers.’

A Hostile Environment

Both the CPA and CSM have created an immensely intimidating and hostile environment for me – and for a number of other exhibitors and customers probably. This is mainly because of their responses both to me and to my supporters since making the decision. They have effectively closed ranks and, not only have they yielded to the demands of those who threaten the fair, they are also going out of their way to protect their identities. They’re doing this while leaving me completely exposed. This creates an extraordinarily intimidating environment from my point of view and not only within the confines of CAL. I am a selected member of the CPA and this attitude leaves me totally ostracised.

Legal Action

I have taken legal action and, to say the least, the CPA have been uncooperative so far. They effectively stuck two fingers up to the Subject Access Request. They’ve been given another two weeks so I’m hoping for considerable improvement on this front. CSM sent their response so heavily redacted even the Chinese government would be embarrassed.

My friend Marshall Colman, blogger and ceramicist, has written some very interesting posts on this – four in all, which start here.

The featured pot is ‘Febrary, Cold and Dark,’ from ‘And the Door Opened,’ and would have been on display at CAL under the terms of the original agreement.