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The Wooton Pots 2014

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Floods at Dawn
Three Generations


Floods at Dawn, New Year, 2014 (2014)

Floods at Dawn, New Year, 2014, and Three Generations depict the place where I grew up and where my mother still lives. It is just outside the village of Wootton by Woodstock, in the Glyme valley in Oxfordshire. Floods at Dawn shows a visitor looking a photo album with my mother at dusk on New Year’s Eve, 2013. Moving round the pot, we see a grey dawn, streaked with pink, reflected in the floods. The trees are mostly Willow, by the river, with an tall mature Ash, overlooking the floods where the swans are; an Oak further down - just its uppermost branches showing - and apple trees in the distance. On the other side, next to the house, is a Walnut tree planted the year I was born, 1962.

Three Generations, Summer, 1975-2015 (2014)

Three Generations is a fictionalised image of the garden in summer over about forty years. The Laburnum tree is from my childhood. My father, reading the newspaper, died in 2007. This image of him is from about 1975. The buttercup field really does look like that, at its best - it did then and still does. Further round, we find my mother talking earnestly with one of my nieces over tea. I am taking the photograph, reflected in the window. The colours are not fiction. Summer 2013 was hot, as was summer 1975.

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