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This Twittering World

Contemporary painters celebrate T S Eliot's Four Quartets

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'This Twittering World' is a line taken from Burnt Norton, the first of the Four Quartets in T.S. Eliot¡'s poem of the same name. Started in the 1930s but mostly written during the Second World War, a sense of foreboding colours much of the writing. The four parts, or 'Quartets' each has a landscape as its dominant image evoking a strong sense of remembered place.

A collection of four vases and a series of bowls, responding to Eliot¡'s meditations on loss, memory and redemption in Four Quartets, takes an intimate view of landscape as its starting point. This is nature as a view from your house or as a snapshot pasted into your album or uploaded you're not quite sure where. It is nature in conversation, both urban and rural.

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This Twittering World