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Night Walker 2014


Nightwalker depicts London by night through the eyes of Hossein Sahabi-Balakhkanlo, a Kurdish-Iranian refugee, and coloured by my image of London and my conversations with Hossein.

We see a row of apparently well to do houses in a street in Swiss Cottage where Hossein lived for five years. Owned by a slum-landlord, however, it was anything but charming inside. When the bank repossessed it, Hossein had to leave, his room declared ‘unfit for human habitation.’

Moving clockwise, we see a Vladimir Putin-like character wearing a jester’s crown, shooting a stuffed bear at a fair-ground, displaying his fiercely impressive machismo. Hossein is the chauffeur of the luxury car in which Putin travels. He did the chauffeuring job for three months, till he could cope no more with the eighteen-hour days. Moving on, the fairground in Hyde Park has become a religious theme park: the Shia Mosque in Maida Vale, once a Bingo Hall, is behind the Kremlin which tops the ‘Winter Wonderland’ where Putin has found his bear. The helter-skelter is the staircase at the Vatican. The Othodox Cathedral in Kiev, where the Ukranian feminist group, Femen, tore down the Crucifix, and the Othodox Cathedral in Moscow, where Pussy Riot sang obscene songs of protest, both feature. Pussy Riot have gathered on top of the roundabout and Femen are in front of the Vatican. In front of the roundabout, Anjem Choudary, the radical Muslim preacher, has morphed into a transvestite stripper called Champagne Lady Chaudary.

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