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Molly's Odyssey 2013

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The Kiss
Behind the scenes


The Kiss, Diva and Yes, are the three pots that make ‘Molly’s Odyssey.’ They were part of Jumping for Joyce, a show curated by Francis Kyle Gallery in 2013. Molly’s Odyssey is based on the final chapter of Joyce’s Ulysses, ‘Penelope,’ which is often referred to as ‘Molly’s Soliloquy.’ For this work I collaborated with writer Rebecca Chance and photographer Krystyna Fitzgerald-Morris to produce, on a trio of pots, my updated version of Molly’s thoughts. Chance writes erotic thrillers, not unlike Molly’s sexual fantasies. Had Molly been a real woman, rather than fictional, and had she lived now, I imagine she would have been an excellent writer in the Rebecca Chance genre. Chance’s books are funny, clever, and knowing, as Molly is. Fitzgerald-Morris’ photographs, particularly of dancers, are romantic, dream-like, and gorgeously feminine - consistent with Molly’s fantasies, particularly about herself. It was a rich mix with which to work. I placed Molly in Gibraltar, where she grew up, and gave her a castle to fantasise in, (The Kiss), a stage to perform on, (Diva) and a flower-filled hill-side to recall her first kiss and reflect on her marriage, (Yes). Flowers, roses, and all things characterised as feminine are slightly disparaged in ceramics. It is a craft connected to domestic space and associated with women - a quality that seems to embarrass some practitioners. Me? I love it. Molly’s Odyssey is proud to be womanly.

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Molly Bloom Rebecca Chance 10 @Krystyna FitzGerald-Morris

Molly Bloom Rebecca Chance @Krystyna Fitzgerald-Morris