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About: And the Door Opened, 2019-20

“I just saw something really weird…It’s this beautiful big pot but it’s broken...It’s an incredibly powerful image…’’
Bob Mills, Talk Radio UK, about And The Door Opened display in a shop window in Wood Green.

“It was an extraordinary event. Shivers went down my spine when you shattered the vase, because of the stories that the speakers had told of shattered lives, and the hopes of rebuilding.” Feedback from audience member

“I’m not an artist and don’t always understand what see, but this one of the most incredible, thought provoking, and beautiful things I’ve seen.” Feedback on Facebook

About the Jugware

“Chaucer meets Hogarth,” Kate Colquhoun, writer.

About the ‘An Extraordinary Turn of Events’

Clare’s pots glow with harmonious colour and tender brushwork.
Tanya Harrod, Ceramic Review, 2012

This is history painting form a democratic viewpoint, in a domestic medium, which celebrates the hand-made material object as well as art’s subversion.
Jackie Wullschlager, Financial Times, 2012

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Zuleika Gallery View artist page

The C Word Studio for the Classic Studio Ware available to buy direct – pomegranate bowls and monochrome pots

I also show with:
Gallery 286, London
Craft Potters Association

Please watch here for announcements on postponed events.

The C Word has posts on all the ATDO events and pots to date.

Current and Forthcoming Exhibitions and Displays

And The Door Opened,’, my project with Women@theWell plans for 2021 and beyond

October 16 – 17, 2021: Filia Conference Portsmouth, display of pots from And The Door Opened and pot smashing ceremony to end the Femicide March, remembering the women murdered because they were women.

Reports on completed pots and past events on my blog, The C Word

Recent Press and Media:

I’m on TalkRadio Uk, doing a monthly spot on Bob Mills’ Sunday afternoon programme, talking about what’s on in art generally and pots in particular, starting August 1.
See my YouTube channel for my interview on GBN about ‘cancel culture’ and free speech.

Connie de Pelet, Glass Magazine, ‘Fragmented – And Exhibition at Zuleika Gallery, London
Josephine Bartosch, ‘Shattering Preconceptions: Josephine Bartosch reports on a unique pottery exhibition that challenges the myths surrounding female prostitution’
Josephine Bartosch, ‘Political Vessels: Claudia Clare’s ‘And The Door Opened,’ Exhibition’

Josephine Bartosch, 'The Silencing of Feminist Artists' Spiked Online, Dec 23rd 2019

Woman’s Hour Takeover with Harriet Wistrich, August 23rd 2019 38.15 -42 mins. I talk about Shattered, (2007,) the Clause 28 tea set, (1988,) and Wedding Feast (1999.)
49-52 mins. I talk about my portrait pots of two friends Hossein and Nisreen, both refugees, with their animals. (We were talking about comfort rabbits and therapy dogs.)
David Ziggy Green, Scene and Heard,’ Private Eye, no 1488, 25 Jan-7 Feb 2019

Claudia Clare, Pots with a Story to Tell, Ceramic Review, issue, 288

Emma Chrichton-Miller, Crafts Magazine,
Craft as a Platform for Social Debate,’ review, issue 260


Subversive Ceramics, (Bloomsbury, 2016)
Selected for 'Outstanding Academic Titles' for 2016, American Library Association. Bloomsbury website | Amazon.

This book has been needed for a very long time. It examines the intriguing histories of how clay has been used as a medium for dissent, as a commentary on political life and to critique ideas of domesticity. It argues that ceramics’ access to the everyday, and its use of a material that is little-regarded, allows it to rewrite narratives around power. Claudia Clare’s book is a corrective: passionate, lucid, funny, beautifully illustrated and frequently surprising.
Edmund de Waal




On The Record: writing my own art history

The C Word for writing on completed work


The C Word



Claudia Clare smashing 'Then Thousand Men,'
at the launch of 'And The Door Opened.'
photo credits: Sylvian Deleu.

Travelling West

Christine Keeler: And Uncertain Pilgrim
Claudia Clare with a selection of pots from 2020

Claudia Clare with a selection of pots from 2020

Hossein with 'Travelling West' at Huguenot Museum